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B & S Lace
Bias & Stand Lace. A traditional English patern used by the Royal Navy from 1786 to 1794
Granby Lace
A tradition pattern lace with diagonal bands and a scalloped border (Similar to Galon Baton)
Round Cord
A round cord, made with threads woven around a central core of yarn.
Russia Braid
The classic braid for figurework used since the 18th century. Used extensively for frogging and edgeing
Worsted & Flat Braid
These braids are narrow woven tapes and braids , used for edgeing and embelishment in worsted, linen and cotton
Chain Gimp
The classic victorian era braid. A single cord plaited to form a long series of close loops. Used on almost all victorian frogging and braiding
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